Sabtu, 12 Maret 2011

Works great!!

Bike Bicycle Cycle Crank Puller

Bike Bicycle Cycle Crank Puller

Located on one end of this tool is a socket that fits the crank arm nut...The other end fits inside the crank arm and there is a wrench to turn it located in the package. See the small photo...This is not the ONLY crank puller I own and NONE of my others came with a crank arm nut remover...In fact with my other puller I had to buy a socket wrench just to remove the crank nut BEFORE that puller would work...Not buying another tool to make this one work means this one is much cheaper since you can simply use it as it comes to you and it does the job..The black end screws completely off.. You MUST remove that inorderto slip the other tool upon the flat parts of the socket..The red handle wrench that comes with this has a hole in one end..Put that on the flat spots of the shiny part and screw the black part back onto the tool..NOW leave it that way and simply move the red handle wrench back and forth to which end you are using at the time. This is simple. It's not an expensive tool but it works well and is low in cost..Screw the black part in first with the center pin far enough out it will NOT hit on the end of the inner part of the crank. When you have the big black part FULLY inserted into the crank arm slowly screw the shiny part inside the black part..Once it's tight stop, using a rubber hammer or a hammer with a block of wood between the tool and the hammer bang it straight on pretty hard. Screw the shiny part in some more and if the crank does nt start to come off bang it again. Warning DO NOT bang hard NOR directly on the tool with a hard faced hammer or you WILL damage the tool..The idea of banging is to break the arm loose..This tool WILL pull hard and as you screw the inside part into the black part that puts pressure on the arm to release it. You may need to soak that arm in oil over night if a light tap don't work.. You CAN break any tool if used improperly..if you use wisdom and this tool you should be able to pull cranks all day long without a coffee break..For more info contact me at chiefredelk at gmail dot com..Good Day, Chief.

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  1. Emilia Castillo29 November 2011 06.32

    I recently bought I road bike, and am getting into cycling. Can anyone suggest what tools i should buy, mostly for general maintenance and tuning. I don't want anything high end, or expensive, just something basic.