Kamis, 03 Maret 2011

Lit it up!

Green Lights Operated Silver Wire

Green Lights Operated Silver Wire

Got the Micro LED 20 Green, 7ft Long on Silver Wire to decorate my small indoor coffee tree. They look so cute; a nice accent in the evening when we have the house lights low. The wire is indeed ultra thin, and it's the type of wire that will hold a shape, so I was able to "weave" the wires into the greenery and it's not noticeable, even in daylight. These lights would be great for costumes. They operate three AA batteries which are encased in a small plastic box with an easy on/off switch. I sort of wished I'd ordered a longer string, because once they were wound around in the tree, I saw that 7 feet didn't go quite as far as I thought it would. But they still look great. Have been using them pretty regularly for a month now and so far, so good. Will definitely order again from this seller.

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  1. Georgina Romero11 Oktober 2011 05.32

    what arew some ideas, and i have to also put lights on my flute somehow. it is for the christmas parade