Selasa, 22 Maret 2011


Park Tool PCS 10 Mechanic Repair

Park Tool PCS 10 Mechanic Repair

After paying a couple of hudred dollars recently to have two bicycles tuned up at local repair shops, I decided to start doing it myself. At first I balked at the price of this Repair Stand, but when it arrived, I couldn't believe the quality workmanship of this tool. It telescopes out to position a bike at the perfect height to work on and when you're through, it folds up relatively compactly for storage.

I've already put it to use to tune up my wife's Cannondale, so the stand is already starting to pay for itself.

You can't go wrong with this Repair Stand. It's beautifully designed and extreemely well constructed. Instructions for assembly are the typical crud coming from China, but the diagrams are self explanatory and the tools required to assemble the stand are incuded as a convenience.

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