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TOUGH little bike

Schwinn Loop 7 Speed Folding Bike

Schwinn Loop 7 Speed Folding Bike

I usually never write reviews, but I wanted to address some of things written by other customers here. First, the bike is not heavy. Some people make it seem like the bike can only be lifted by a weight lifter, but I am a tiny muscle-less 115lb girl, and I can lift the bike fine. Second, my bike came in a perfect condition and I didn't need to take it to a bike shop at all. That may vary according to where you live and how lucky you are, but I don't think that should deter you at all from purchasing this bike.

The folding of the bike takes maybe three seconds, as does the unfolding. It's really easy to store it in small places, like under a bed in my case. The seats go up high enough to be comfortable for my boyfriend who is extremely long leg-ed and 6'4''. It also goes short enough to accommodate an extremely short leg-ed 5'2'' person (me). The only major drawback I found in the bike is that the seat is very uncomfortable. It hurt to sit on the seat after a day of briefly riding, so I replaced it with a seat that is wider with more cushion and shock absorption.
The rack is also pretty useful, but I found that it is a little too slippery. My stuff kept slipping off even after tying them with a bungee cord.

With all this said, I can honestly say that I love this bike. I ride my bike in NYC, so before purchasing this bike I was a little worried about the safety, but so far (knock on wood) it has proved to be very sturdy. I also get many looks from bikers and non-bikers alike, and it makes me feel proud when I ride it around. It also doesn't hurt that this bike is better looking than all the bikes I've seen around. :) BUY THIS BIKE!

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