Senin, 07 Maret 2011

Great product!

Columba Folding Shimano Black SP26S_BLK

Columba Folding Shimano Black SP26S_BLK

As a folding bike, that is the primary design element, and it is assumed that one is looking for a folding bike. I previously used a Schwinn Loop 7-Speed Folding Bike, which I found very useful, but ultimately found it slower than I desired and more work to use, although I was pleased with that bike, I felt I had the room for a larger folding bike to gain additional speed and ease of riding.

It is a little over 30 lbs, and generally as described and seen in the pictures. There should be no surprises. It is not something one would carry around much, but it is a good bike which one can more easily store in doors and transport by vehicle.

This bike is a good deal. The service from the shipper is seemingly top quality. However, when ordering a bike online, one must be prepared to do assembly and adjustments as needed. While my bike arrived without any issues and no damage, small adjustments were necessary for perfect operation. So keep that in mind when ordering a bike. One can always have an experienced bicycle technician work on it as well. Since it folds, it is easier to transport by vehicle.

For my uses, I added accessories, although I did not swap any parts. To make this useful for me, I added my Schwinn Quick Release Wire Basket to the handle bars, as well as a Bell Dawn Patrol LED Headlight as I ride at night often.

To the rear, I added a Schwinn Alloy Rear Rack, and to that I attached a Wald #582 Folding Rear Mounted Bike Basket (with zip ties), and a RavX Rack Light Rear Mounted Light, which is particularly useful as it mounts to the rack directly.

Now, it is very useful for shopping and can carry quite a lot. It is a pleasant ride and its folding ability does not seem to impact the riding experience for a bike of this design and weight.

I store it only folded at the frame, although one can also fold the peddles, and easily loosen the handlebars and lower the seat completely. The pictures I have uploaded show the end of an actual grocery shopping trip and it folded up. Also, the security measures I have are shown.

Get your Columba Folding Shimano Black SP26S_BLK Now!

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  1. I'm very satisfied with this purchase. The bike looks awesome. It takes me less than 20 seconds to fold it and unfold it. I was looking for a full size folding bike and this one was an amazing deal for this price.

  2. My boyfriend uses the bike as often as he can. He is training for a marathon bike ride in NYC for MS Patients. He absolutely loves it AND as for me, I love that it doesnt take up space in my apartment, It folds right up and stores nicely in the closet.

  3. I have been using this bike for the last 2 months to commute to work (with a train ride in-between) and I total a little over 14 miles per day of bike riding. Being a fairly large guy (6'2 and 210 lbs), I'm really impressed with how this bike has been holding up, and the overall comfort of the ride. It is also very quick to fold / unfold which is a huge plus when going on and off the train.

    The bike has been overall pretty sturdy so far, however, I initially put one of the pedals on incorrectly leading to it falling off repeatedly during my commute and ruining the threads on both the pedal and crank arm. I emailed 2ksilver pictures of the damage and within a few days I had a replacement crank arm, pedal and they even lent me a tool to remove the previous crank arm and attach a new one - I was really impressed by the level of customer service provided!

  4. Frederick Phillips20 November 2011 11.32

    I wanted a full-sized bike that I could easily transport without modifying my car. This bike fit the bill. It fits in the trunk of my Civic and folding it is quick and easy. It weighs about the same as a standard bike. It is easy to lift and carry, but I wouldn't want to carry it long distances. It's easiest to ride it to where you want it and then fold it up.

    Assembly wasn't very difficult. The directions weren't very detailed, but it's pretty obvious how things go together.

    Overall, I'm happy with this purchase.

    If you want a full-size bike that can fit in the trunk of your car this is a great choice.

  5. This is a quality-made folding bike at a very low price. It has full-sized wheels instead of those goofy small ones so you don't look like a circus clown riding it. The 18-gears change smoothly and help greatly on hilly terrains. Best of all, when folded and with the seat removed, it fits in the trunk/rear cargo space of my 2007 Prius with both rear seats upright and the vinyl cover covered so it is out of sight (see my uploaded photo.) It stays in the trunk of my Prius so I can ride it any time I want. Folding and unfolding take seconds. The wheelbase of this bike may be a tad shorter than a regular non-folding bike but it is still very comfortable to ride (I am 5'10" and 190 lbs.) The front brake required some adjustments by a bike mechanic when I first received it. Yes it is a little heavy at 35 lbs but that just means more exercise for me, which is what I want. I can always use my super-fast light-weight Specialized road bike if I ever wanted to race anybody. Overall, I am quite pleased with this purchase. Highly recommended!

  6. Clifton Raymond20 November 2012 14.32

    I just recently purchased this bicycle and it is a great product! I was really interested in purchasing a folding bike that i would be able to store in my trunk and for easy access. i live on the second floor in my apartment building and it is a pain going up and the stairs with a bike. This bike fits perfect in my trunk and easily accessible for a everyday bike ride. I've used it for afternoon strolls through the neighborhood and a few bike trails. Smooth performance, and light weight. Easy to assemble and easy to fold. Great video on their website on how to assemble bike. I totally recommend this bike!