Senin, 14 Maret 2011

Union bicycle light set

Union Bicycle Generator Light Set

Union Bicycle Generator Light Set

This is a fantastic bike rack! I've owned it for a few years, and it has easily adjusted to accomodate every bike from my sons' tiny 16"-wheel first bikes up to full-size mountain bikes. It securely holds bikes with unconventional top bars w/o any special adapters, unlike the more typical carriers where the bikes "hang" from the carrier. It's well-made, and easy to install, easy to adjust, and easy to store. Another nice feature is the ability to quickly fold down the vertical bar so I can open the rear hatch of our SUV without having to remove the rack. The clevis pins have aircraft cable tethers so I never have to worry about losing them. Now that my daughter is learning to ride, I'll probably buy the 2-bike add-on extension. The fact it can be expanded is another huge plus! If it has any negative qualities, I can think of only one: you need to be careful when releasing and raising the vertical hooks ratchet adjusters or you can pinch your hand pretty bad. I quickly learned that you should always raise the upper hook first before raising the lower hook so your fingers won't get caught between them and make Daddy say some pretty naughty words while the kids are standing around waiting for their bikes to be unloaded.

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