Senin, 21 Maret 2011

Excellent utility trailer

Aosom Elite Luggage Trailer Removable

Aosom Elite Luggage Trailer Removable

My choice to go with this trailer was price, and to allow me to once again enjoy my hobby of RC flying. I received the item quickly, about 2-3 days from the order being placed.
The instruction manual was very easy to understand, I only needed to refer to it because of the placement of the wheel bearings, spacers and retaining clips. The only tool needed to assemble the trailer is also included.

The pan of the trailer bed is sturdy and very adaptable for my needs, I ended up modifying it to carry the planes, (will void the warranty but not worried)
My trailer is set up to carry 2 RC aircraft, each can weigh between 7-13 pounds, plus all the field kit to support a whole day at the field.
I am up to about 46 lbs, tires and tubes are still good, no trailer bed warping either
Purchased some replacement tubes and happy to say that I have not used them.
Recommended that you do check the Schrader valve cores and ensure they are seated correctly, one was not and lost air overnight.

Although I do not use it, the supplied top is a tight fit and perfectly okay
Trailer will fold flat for storage
Wheels are super easy to remove
Wheel guards are a plus and easy to remove if you need to access a narrow gap

My one and only complaint, is that the webbing strap is very weak and already separated where it attaches to the carrier arm. I was able to secure it with a couple of cable ties and is now okay.

In conclusion and after using this now for a couple of months, I am very happy to have this trailer - Price, Quality, and Adaptability = 5 Stars

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  1. Ok I've had this trailer for probably 9 months now. I travel EVERYWHERE on my bicycle. This trailer has been the handiest thing ever and so easy to use. The only assembley I had to do was pop the tires on and the rails that protect the tires, took less then 5 minutes to assemble the trailer and install the hitch to my bike. I can put a whole shopping cart worth of groceries in it. All our laundry fits so I don't have to make multiple trips to the laundry mat. Twice, my fiance has gotten stranded somewhere and I hauled her back home in the trailer. We have a 40lbs dog that loves riding in the trailer. The trailer rides and turns great. The only time the trailer ever tipped over was my own fault(1 wheel hit a bump going thru a series of sharp turns with no weight in the trailer). I ride a Schwinn Trailway with 700c tires and have no problems at hitching up and pulling this trailer. Only problem I've experienced is the sidewalls push out into the tires to easy. If your load shifts to far to the side it will push the wall into the tire acting like a brake. After 9 months and several hundred miles hauling this trailer, its still solid as a rock.

    Overall I would highly recommend this trailer.

  2. William Rogers18 Oktober 2012 13.32

    Okay, after researching bike cargo trailers and having sticker shock at what $200 or $300 would buy (and no shipping either) I decided to take my chances on this product. It arrived quickly by FedEx and was easily put together. The horseshoe thingy just needed coaxing onto the top of the axle and then slid down by hand pressure only. If you try to affix it down near the bottom of the axle you will fail miserably as my adult son did. I did both the horseshoe thingys doing it my way first time out from the top. And yes, he was embarassed that his mom did better at that then he did. Start at the top and voila you're attached. Seeing what other folks had to say about the tires and tubes I went ahead and preordered some great Kendra BMX tires and thorn resistant inner tubes to totally redo these tires. I don't think the original tires would do very well repelling thorns, sharp stones, etc. with the open design so I went ahead and ordered the thorn resistant tubes as well. I would have gotten Kevlar belted tires but felt the extra expense was not necessary - just good inner tubes as the weight won't be as much as my 700c hybrid bike carries (that has Kevlar tires on). The instructions were basically a joke and definitely need redone to put it mildly but if you DO actually read them that's all you need to know because the rest of the trailer is easily figured out. Plus you'll have to unsnap it to store it flat anyway. I like the fact it has the outer bars that protect the wheels that can be removed if you wish. That was one reason why I chose this particular model in the first place. This way when I'm out riding I'm not worried about something slamming into the wheels and the wheel being damaged. I got one bike cargo trailer for me and the other for my son to haul. We can't put our lardo Jack Russell terrier into a front basket as she's too big and we can't use a Giant Delivery basket on our 700c hybrid bikes and are hoping to train her to stay in the cargo trailer with restraints (a straight jacket would be more appropriate for her) while we pack the other half full of important stuff for the road trip. I am glad for the solid steel bottom as it will safely hold my cargo. I plan on making a camo cover for it so I can pile it with more stuff inside higher than the sides are now.

    When you figure free shipping right there you've almost paid for the better replacement tires and tubes. I would rather pay $130 instead of $300 ANY DAY OF THE WEEK for a good, solid cargo trailer for my bike. I'm not made out of money and I also like the cargo room this has versus other cargo trailers I spent time researching.

    My son told me that bike cargo trailers in the 1990's would start at $600 to $800 and go up from there and that they were a scarce item to even find. Most bike shops don't carry these and if they do their prices are out of this world to put it mildly due to their markup.

    Also, these make for great horder helpers for those of you who like to go junking on your bikes as it has the solid metal bottom. Happy junking!!

  3. Great trailer for the money! Just loaded it up with 120$ worth of groceries and tracks great!! assembly was very easy and came with extra washers and the one and only tool you need for the job. Somehow I got it for 89$ plus free shipping and thats a killer deal!! plan on putting many miles on it back and forth to the store and camping! Great product! I'll give it 6 stars!!

  4. I love this trailer, I read all of the online reviews and went ahead and bought it to spite some negative comments that were posted. For $125 (and free shipping) you can't go wrong. It was really easy to put together, there were 2 sets of tire clamps included (just in case) but we didn't need them. The horseshoe clamps were very easy to apply and everything just clipped together like it should have. The tires were a bit smelly, but guess what - they're new tires, they smell!!! We left them out on the back deck overnight and the smell went away by the next morning. The bottom of the trailer is solid metal so it seems very sturdy. I agree with one of the reviewers however, and I am going to go and buy some stick on reflectors for the back of the trailer and there wasn't very much in the way of directions but we figured it out pretty fast. I read a few reviews saying the trailer was heavy, I don't agree at all. It's easy to maneuver and very manageable.
    I really didn't want to spend $200 + on a trailer and so far I'm really happy with my purchase.
    Ok, so it's been 3 weeks since we bought the trailer and we couldn't be happier. Nothing has fallen out, it tows really easily you really wouldn't know it's behind you (I'm a 145lb woman and have had no difficulty towing the trailer at all). I haven't noticed any bulging sides (I guess you just have to be mindful when you pack the trailer). I have bought a couple of inexpensive clip on reflectors for the back. The tires are still inflated and it seems really sturdy. We are a family of three and go grocery shopping once a week and so far it has met our needs perfectly. I'm glad we bought this trailer and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for some "bang for their buck".

  5. Howard Morales15 Oktober 2013 11.32

    Very strong, durable, costs way less than at other companies,nice red and black color,nice yellow wheel reflectors:( Two on each wheel), Me and my friends love it.Increases visibility and Holds 100 pounds of groceries.I will recommend this to anyone.

  6. Dwayne Velazquez19 Oktober 2013 10.32

    If you need a utility bike trailer that can take odd shapes and high point weights (like mechanical parts), then this is the trailer for you. Steel bottom, 20 inch wheels and a high frame. The high frame gives plenty of options to secure your load with bungee cords.
    Pulls easily and quietly. On the flat, you barely notice the effort of puling the trailer. Handles easily for turns but just as in towing a car trailer, the weight will affect braking, especially braking in a turn. Do not be deluded, pulling any trailer up a 10%+ grade takes extra effort based on the load plus the weight of the trailer plus some extra due to friction. This trailer behaved well up and down hill with a 50 pound load.
    This is not a waterproof sealed unit. There are intentional fabric gaps at the corners and the cover is at best water resistant. If you need a sealed unit for long camping trips or delicate gear, then you should consider the Burley Nomad. The Burley is half the weight of the Aosom and is reasonably well sealed but has a fabric bottom not suitable for high point loads, and since it is a closed unit not adaptable to oversize and odd shaped loads. Croozer also has some well reviewed models. If you are doing trail camping, you need to look at a BOB trailer as two wheel trailers just won't fit on mountain trails.
    There are other utility trailers such as the Burley Cargo, but it has a low frame and a fabric bottom. Most of these will work well with their included straps to tie down a box but are not as well suited to random load sizes and shapes. Plus the Aosom costs much less than these units.
    The ultimate utility trailer is probably the Wike Park Pioneer but at 700 US$ with options and shipping it is beyond what I could justify.

    What could Aosom do better:
    Better packaging. Several reviewers have commented on this. Mine arrived intact and complete but the box had openings and the shipping protective end caps were broken. This left me a little bit of straightening to do with pliers.
    Better instructions. I could have saved 15 minutes on initial assembly with better instructions.
    A model that is partially or all aluminum to reduce weight from 35 pounds to 20 pounds or so. A metal bottom will outweigh a fabric bottom so there is no hope that it could be as light as a Burley Cargo at 16 pounds and still have the functionality I need.

    Some have commented that the tires smell. They are right. I hung mine in the garage and am hoping that the smell will dissipate with time and exposure.
    Some have commented that the spoke ends puncture the inner tube. I checked and mine has proper wheel liners, as you would expect on any bicycle style wheel to protect the inner tube.

    It does the job for me and is well made, and even better, it is a third or less the price of other units. I am very satisfied with the Aosom.