Selasa, 15 Februari 2011

Perfect Size for Carrying Groceries on Your Bike

Pyramid Bicycle Bungie Cargo Black

Pyramid Bicycle Bungie Cargo Black

I got this with the intention of filling small paintball compressed air tanks and it's working great for that. It doesn't require any kind of adapter for the fill valve that is on standard compressed air tanks. Some simple assembly is required. Pumping this thing is not easy requires either brute strength (100 lbs or more) or proper technique (utilizing your body weight) once you get above around 1000psi. Also it will take hundreds of pumps to fill even a small tank. My 13ci went from completely empty (0psi) to full (3000psi) in roughly 250 pumps, and that's at roughly 15-20 pumps per minute. So you can figure that a 48ci tank will take roughly 950 pumps and a 68ci 1300 pumps. If you intend to use this to fill larger tanks like the 48 or 68, don't expect to be able to do it in one night unless you are willing to spend 1-2 hours and in really good shape.

It only fills to 3600psi. It does have a pressure release so you don't blow out the O-rings.

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  1. Franklin Zimmerman18 November 2011 06.32

    This net is much nicer and sturdier than the photo and price would suggest. Shipped super fast, too. Superb!

  2. Does a great job, I use it to hold down my gym bag to my bike carrier. Well built and fast shipping.

  3. Very simply, this bungie net does exactly what you'd think. It holds your stuff to the back rack on your bicycle without having to fuss with using multiple bungie cords. Since it's designed for a back rack on a bike, its shape is just what you need to secure your stuff at an excellent price. It works especially well for tying down oddly shaped loads.

    The only thing I would change might be to add extra hooks to add more tie-down versatility and security.

  4. I've owned this product for over two years. I'm writing this review because I just bought a second one.

    Why I like it:
    It's still completely intact. Nothing's ripped or torn yet. I use it to cover my groceries in a basket which sits on top of my rear rack.
    It has 4 hooks that are permanently wrapped around the cords. The segments they wrap around are also double corded so there's more strength to prevent a cord break.

    Why I don't like it:
    There's nothing to put here.

  5. A good replacement for bungee cords as long as your load is large enough. I find that I still need a smaller bungee cord for littler items.

  6. Use small carabiners for additional hooks. Saw this mentioned on another net product and it sounded like a good idea to pass along.