Jumat, 18 Februari 2011

Old School Biking Fun

Womens Schwinn Legacy Cruiser Bike

Womens Schwinn Legacy Cruiser Bike

Found the Schwinn Legacy cruiser at Target, fully assembled. I was attracted by the awesome vintage look and the fact that it's a single speed cruiser with coaster brakes (brakes that operate by pedaling backward) like the bikes I had as a kid. Exactly what I wanted as an adult who hasn't ridden a bike in a couple of decades, and wants to get one for fitness and for cutting back on use of my car for things like grocery shopping. It didn't hurt that it had the lowest price tag of Target's cruiser bikes, either.

I absolutely love my Legacy! It rides well and is a great workhorse. I've gotten compliments on the vintage look. Only issue I had was that I had to borrow an allen wrench from a co-worker so I could tighten the handlebars, but that's hardly the bike's fault. Big box store employees who assemble these bikes most likely aren't bicycle experts, so it's a good idea to give the bike a good once-over before going for your first spin on it.

For what it is - an inexpensive, basic cruiser - the Legacy is an awesome bike.

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  1. I was looking into the Schwinn Legacy Cruiser, but I want a bike with gears that I don't have to just glide around on. I'd like it to look like something like that, but have gears and is able to go up and down hills. Does anyone have any recommendations?