Jumat, 25 Februari 2011

Needs a little work

Champion 22 Metal Tree Target

Champion 22 Metal Tree Target

This delightful book illustrates that there is no better place from which to see the world than from the seat of a bicycle (in my own situation, this would have to translate to seeing the world from the driver's seat of a rental car). As Mr Enfield so clearly illustrates, getting to know a new place and meeting some amazing people involves more than sitting on a tour bus, snapping photos.
Mr Enfield's writing shares an appreciation of the kind people he meets and the places he visits. He can point out odd behaviors without sounding cynical and he seems to know when to toss the map aside and head off the beaten path, something we all should do from time to time.
I've read this book several times, always wishing there were more. Mr Enfield has become one of my favorite authors and makes me wish I could follow in his tracks when I retire.

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  1. Raymond Cantrell30 Oktober 2013 14.32

    As other reviewers have said, it does not swing freely when first purchased. You must file down or dremmel tool grind the contact points between the swinging target arms and the base holding it. 10-20 minutes of work. Then sprak some lube (wd-40, I use teflon dry lube for bicycle chains on everything, wd40 is nasty) and this baby swings in the wind. Shot at mininmum 2000 rounds at this thing, holds up like your fat girlfriend and an all you can eat buffett. Good to go.