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Perfect for what i need

Campbell Hausfeld FP209499 3 Gallon Compressor

Campbell Hausfeld FP209499 3 Gallon Compressor

I needed something for our office, to blow out equipment and PC's from dust and junk. Basically to clean incoming electronics off. In our previous building, we had a nice upper level where we had a full sized compressor for air. But in our new offices, it's a single floor and no place to keep it. So we've been doing without, or using a small vac here and there.

Finally decided that anything was better than nothing, so thought I'd give this a shot. I had it overnighted so I could do some testing this weekend. Fired it up in my house after assembling the hose and couplings. I had seen some of the reviews mentioning that it didn't keep it's pressure, so was curious about that. It comes with plumber's tape, for the threads, so I used it and got it assembled quickly enough. Plugged it in and powered it on.


I knew it would be from the other reviews, but I didn't realize just HOW loud. But I let it run and it quickly got up to 60 or 70 PSI, enough for me to test things with, and it seemed like it would do a decent job for my needs. I got it up to 70 again and closed the nozzle's valve, unplugged it, and brought it with me to the office. I let it sit there for about four hours, and it didn't lose any pressure at all - needle was still in the same spot. Plugged it in, found the worst server in storage I could, got the cover off and the hot swap drives out, and started to clean it up. Ended up having to take the screen off of a large window in my office and hang the server out the window to keep all the junk from floating around my office. With it running, I got about four or five minutes of decent cleaning power before I ended up with it running down too much to have good air pressure for cleaning, so I let it sit for another few minutes running, and finished up.

I haven't fired it up to 110 PSI yet (the supposed capacity according to the box) to see how long it will work at that point, but since I don't expect it to be as long lasting as the full sized one, it's more than enough for what we need.

Only complaint is that the nozzle for inflating car tires isn't a quick change nozzle, so I can't just pop it on after using the other ones. It's a screw on one, so you've got to re-tape again. But since I have a smaller electric compressor that is specifically for auto tires, it won't impact my use with this one.

All in all, for under eighty dollars, a great unit. Hose doesn't seem nearly as horrible to me as the other reviewers are talking - doesn't seem brittle to me at all, and is flexible enough for my needs, but I can certainly see where having a standard rubber hose would be a LOT easier.

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