Selasa, 22 Februari 2011

A Movie in the Making..."Thoughts to Die For"

Thoughts To Die For Volume

Thoughts To Die For Volume

Bought this for my Sister in law who has some diabilities and is unable to drive a car. She was depressed that she couldn't get around on her own or was limited by the distance because she had to walk unless we took her. She now goes all over town and picks up groceries, her medications goes shopping,etc... She has her independance back... I have a piece of mind because of the quality of the bike... I bought a trike from wal-mart for the same money and after bringing it home, took it back the same day because it was junk. I got on amazon and within minutes found this trike. I am very particular on quality and this manufacture put quality and safety first on their list... I am impressed not to mention the price was spectacular. The bike did have some scratches on the side of it and was missing a small fender bolt but I was so pleased with the quality I didn't even care... Thanks Amazon!
Mike Thacker
Chillicothe, IL

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  1. Jeanine Gutierrez18 Desember 2010 11.32

    From what I've read, it just seems to be a mental fulfillment of reaching peace/mental calmness in life. Or people call ghosts spirits, I'd think it's just a person's energy not ceasing to exist. Any opinions or thoughts would be nice. Thank you.

  2. Jeffrey Armstrong21 November 2011 03.32

    i personally don't buy it he might have had it but i believe to do a horrible think to his poor family he was unstable plain and simple I do lose much rescepted for him but i feel sorry for his living family because they love he was a great wrestler but not a great person what are your thoughts.

  3. If you jumped into a pool of jello or any gelatin (let's say its 15 ft deep) would you be able to swim to the top or would it fold over you and trap you? If you took a big enough breath could you break the jello down into something you could swin to the top in? My friends and I have had this discusion like 4 different times and i just wanted to hear people's thoughts or if by any chance someone had attempted this.