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Great little pump

Topeak Road Morph Bike Gauge

Topeak Road Morph Bike Gauge

Before getting this I went to Target and got a $20 stand up pump with a gauge. I tried that out and with all my weight (~130lbs) I had trouble getting to 60PSI. I took that back and found this online. It looked great so I ordered two, one as a gift, and we're both very happy.

The valve head being on a flexible tube is great and helps to not put wear on the tube's valve. It extends a little and makes for a very easy pump, since you can hold it however you like. The bottom is rubberized and got a little skuffed when I used it on the side of the road but that's the least of my concerns. The little foot pad that flips out looks pretty weak too but I was able to easily pump to 65PSI by hand, and I am not a strong man, so there isn't much need to make it a "stand up" pump. The handle that flips out is very nice as well, helps the grip a lot.

To use this with a schrader valve, unscrew the front. There's a little piece you can turn around from presta, took us a while to find that. I don't have any trouble reading the gauge (with PSI and Atmospheres) but my father does at times. The writing isn't huge, though it does have large markings for major divisions.

My first trip out after putting this on my bike I realized my pressure was low about five miles from home. I pulled over and got this out (having never pumped my tires on my own before) and it was a breeze, back on the road in a few minutes. It may not be an expensive, "serious biker" tool, but I can't imagine what this is really lacking.

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