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7 blues and 5 reds

Bicycle Poker Standard Playing Players

Bicycle Poker Standard Playing Players

Bicycle brand cards have been around for longer then I've been alive (since 1867) and they've rightfully earned the reputation for being the best quality. If you play cards regularly or need them for standard magic tricks these are perfect. No need to look further. All the good things you hear and read about them are true.

Having said that, keep in mind these are the traditional "808" poker cards, perfect for most users/players. But anyone shopping for playing cards should know Bicycle cards come in many varieties such as for use in pinochle, and Lo Vision cards for the visually impaired, or Jumbo Index sizes with larger type (often used for playing Bridge). They also make a "PokerPeek" design on their Pro series decks that simplifies looking at hole cards, and narrower bridge decks, and thicker Masters Edition cards designed to last longer. This is important to note if you are specifically looking for the thick material. These 808's are not the thicker ones, they are the traditional ones but for 99% of the poker playing and magic making world they are more than sufficient. They are much better than those cheapie no-name cards you might get at a variety warehouse or 99 cent store. Beware if you buy those, they might not be coated and they may last for no more than one long game before they start to bend and fray.

Bicycle also comes with different back designs (including the traditional rider back and older Vintage backs), and Big Bicycle cards that are four times the normal card size. All are traditionally available with red and blue backs, but other back colors (including black, silver, and even pastel colors) are also available. There is even a "Ghost" deck that is entirely black and white except for red hearts and diamonds on the corners of appropriate cards. Consumer paper versions of the plastic KEM type WSOP decks are sold under the Bicycle brand. And in 2010, Bicycle Playing Cards released special anniversary decks which include a redesigned rear side, redesigned Ace of Spades, and 1885-2010 written under the numbers on the corner on each card.

I have to say though, at $24.39 these 808's seem a little pricey, and I'm stunned to see the "retail price" for 12 decks is $37.99! But if you get these cards here at Amazon for $24.39 with free shipping then it's worth the price if you can't get them cheaper at a store closer to you (where you don't have to pay to have them shipped).

UPDATE: As of 2/9/12 these cards are now selling here for $18.99 to $20.00 (depending on the seller) and free shipping if you have Amazon Prime (worth getting, ask me how you can get it for free). NOW IS THE TIME TO STOCK UP AND BUY if you're into poker and can't get them cheaper in a store close to you. This is the cheapest I've seen over the internet. They also make inexpensive barter/gifts to make friends for WTSHTF.

As an aside, many people don't know Bicycle cards are produced and distributed by The United States Playing Card Company (currently out of Erlanger, Kentucky), who also makes Bee (traditionally used by casinos), Tally-Ho, Hoyle, Kem, Aviators (no longer available I believe) and others. That does NOT mean these are all the same quality. They might all be the same quality, but I do not know because I have not used them all recently. I just mention it for a point of interest.

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